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After a long year of going to and from school, studying, and hard work, you're looking forward to your prom. With graduation just down the road, let Chicago Limo help you celebrate the occasion. As an established company in the Chicago and metro limousine industry,
We want to take you to your high school prom in one of our classy prom limousine. Just contact Chicago Prom Limousine to find out how we can take you to your prom in style!

At the end of the school year, a dance known as a formal or prom will be held for high school seniors to celebrate before their graduation. Junior high school students will also have a junior prom or semi-formal held at the end of the year to have a good time as well. This senior prom is also called a ball in England and a debutante ball or debs in Ireland. In Chicago in the United States, fraternities in colleges normally host a formal dance or formal. An elegant Chicago land prom limo will make you the envy of your classmates when we take you to and from your senior formal this year.

Just before the prom, you will probably want to take pictures with friends and family members as well as other friends who are going to be attending the prom. Chicago Prom Limousine will take you to and from your prom by prom limousine in Chicago at excellent rates with guaranteed professional services.

Styles of formal wear have changed over the decades for both guys and girls. The modern formal wear of choice for guys is often a three piece suit or a tuxedo as well as a black tie and sometimes a vest. The best choice of modern formal wear for girls is usually an elegant gown worn along with a corsage that is given to them by their prom date. Fancy dresses are also another common choice of formal wear for girls on their prom night. Memories will be made as pictures are taken at the party before the prom as well as at the actual prom. We know you want to look your best in your prom pictures and at your formal, so we at Chicago Prom party bus and limos want to do everything possible to make that happen. We want to be your first choice for prom limousine service in Chicago land and Chicago and metro areas. Chicago Prom Limousine will take care of your prom limousine needs in Chicago and metro so that you can spend your day focusing on getting ready for your big prom.

High school proms are often held in fancy ballrooms and dining halls where students will dance during the entire night while enjoying great food and having a good time with close friends before graduation. Let Saint Charles Limo or Chicago Prom Limousine in Chicago and metro provide you with a prom limo that will take you to and from your prom in style and make this special night an extraordinary one.

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Prom and Homecoming

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